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What is a JPG?

JPG , also known as JPEG , is a popular type of image file due to its very small size, which helps save storage space.
However, to achieve this compact size, it reduces the image's resolution quality. This means that small details in the image can become blurry.

JPG is often used when you need to process a large number of images, such as when storing multiple photos from a camera or a mobile phone.


However, the way JPG compression works, using a lossy method (compressing data that can lead to a loss of quality), makes JPG not the best choice for important, unedited photos. Images like portraits or scenic views can lose a part of their quality.

Nevertheless, JPG is well-suited for quickly sharing and storing various image files. You can easily send them via email or post them on social media without consuming too much time and bandwidth.

What is a PNG?

What's a PNG? Well, a PNG, or Portable Network Graphic, is like a super high-quality image file. Imagine having a photo that's incredibly clear and detailed. PNGs are just like that. Even if you make a PNG image smaller, it keeps all the sharpness and quality of the original picture. People really like to use PNGs when they're making websites and want the images to look their best.


You can easily open PNGs on both Windows computers and Macs, so they're really handy. Imagine you're building a website, and you need some really clear and detailed images – that's when PNGs come in handy. They're also great for creative projects where you want everything to look super crisp.

And you know what's cool? Sometimes, when you're editing a PNG to make it fit better or load faster on a website, you can still keep it looking awesome without losing any of the important details.

Why should you convert JPG to PNG?

Converting JPG to PNG is a common practice in the digital world, and it's not without good reason. Both JPG (or JPEG) and PNG are popular image formats, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. So, why should you consider converting JPG to PNG?

1. Creating Transparency Support 2. No Compression 3. Considerations for Printing
One of the most compelling reasons to convert from JPG to PNG is the ability to create transparency support. If you have an image with a lot of empty spaces that you want to remove using editing software, this cannot be achieved with a JPG file. JPGs require color information for every pixel, resulting in empty pixels being filled with black or white colors. PNGs do not undergo compression, allowing you to upload a PNG to image compression services without compromising its quality. This is particularly useful when you have a unique or specific image that you want to preserve. However, exercise caution when converting JPG to PNG if you plan to print the image in the future. PNG files do not contain CMYK information, which can pose challenges during printing. We recommend keeping the original JPG file if you foresee the need for printing.

Considering the advantages and limitations mentioned above, careful consideration is essential before deciding to convert from JPG to PNG. Understanding your image requirements and purposes will help optimize the quality and final output of your images.

How to Convert JPG to PNG?

To convert JPG to PNG, start by selecting the JPG image using the upload button. Then, wait for a short period while our tool performs the conversion. You'll soon receive the image converted to PNG format.

There are two options for downloading your image. You can either click 'Download' to save each image individually or use the 'Download All' button to download all the images at once.

Is converting JPG to PNG safe?

Converting JPG to PNG is generally safe and straightforward. The process involves changing the file format from JPEG (which uses lossy compression) to PNG (which uses losslesscompression), resulting in little to no loss of image quality.

It's important to note that the conversion itself is not likely to introduce any security risks to your files. Our website does not retain data for more than 1 hour, so you can rest assured about your data.